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Letter To The Queensbury CEC Committee

Letter From Kathy Bozony, CEC Member Chairperson

From: Kathy Bozony

To: Queensbury Clean Energy Committee

Dear CEC Committee,

The close of the 2018 SAS program is approaching.  SAS and its solar vendors have been responsible for the contracts/installations for 41 happy solar customers in our region:

  • Queensbury =  24
  • Glens Falls = 3
  • South Glens Falls = 1
  • Brant Lake = 1
  • Lake Luzerne = 3
  • Keene Valley = 1
  • Westport = 1
  • Lake George = 1
  • Adirondack = 1
  • Hague = 1
  • Bolton Landing = 1
  • Argyle = 1
  • Thurman = 1
  • Warrensburg = 1

This is great news!  And I am sure with the work that all of you have done, the numbers will continue to grow beyond the 2018 SAS program.

I approached our solar vendors with the idea of having a final SAS event at the Queensbury Community Center on Monday 10/29/18 from 5-7pm.  The QCC availability is limited, but this date seems good to share the urgency in making a solar vendor contact prior to the 10/31/18 date. 

We will serve a catered dinner and invite all new solar customers via a mailed invitation and request an RSVP.  We can also encourage our government officials including all Boards and the public to join us for a final gathering to talk about the benefits of solar; hear from SAS residents who have signed a contract with Solar Liberty or Apex Solar Power; and stress this is a ‘last chance’ to request an assessment from our solar vendors before the 2018 SAS Program ends.  Deadline for contract signing through the NYSERDA Solarize program is Nov 15, 2018 (Note: the close date was extended two weeks beyond the scope of the RFP during a conference call with NYSERDA).

If you have any thoughts about the final event, or can add to the planning, please share your ideas with me.  I would like to begin getting this out to the press now and the personal invitations mailed.  Tony K. has been working on a news article with photos of his solar panels to forward to the papers.  Anyone else who can get a ‘story’ out would be great, as it has been the best way to attract journalists to want to cover the SAS events.  It’s an all out ‘urgency’ if you can help with this.

Please call with any thoughts or ideas of how to make the next two weeks a continued success of SAS before it closes on November 15, 2018.

Thank you.