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Right of Way Information

Dear Resident/Landowner Living on Town Highways:

As our winter season approaches, the town of Queensbury Highway Department would like to issue this friendly reminder to citizens of our community. Obstacles in the Town’s right-of-way can be dangerous to people and to motor vehicles alike. We ask you to please remove any obstacles that you may have within 10 feet of the edge of the paved roadway. This includes rocks, wooden posts, metal posts, etc.

It is imperative that these obstacles are removed no later than December 3rd as not to hinder our snow removal operations. Any objects remaining in the Town’s right-of-way after this date will have to be removed by the Town of Queensbury Highway Department for safety and plowing purposes.

If you have any questions about Queensbury highway information, please feel free to contact the Town Highway Department at (518) 761-8211. The employees of the Town of Queensbury Highway Department would like to thank you for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.