Important Notices: Shore Colony Water District customers are restricted in their water use as outlined in Ordinance # 1 of 2002Resident Warning:
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Water Billing FAQ’s

Yes.  The seller’s attorney may request a final meter reading and utility bill as early as 10 days before the property closing. To request a final utility bill, please call 518-745-5582, Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:30.  The following information is needed to process the final bill: service address or parcel section, block and lot, confirmed closing date, the name of the new owner(s), and the seller’s attorney contact information.

Water bills are produced on a quarterly basis. You should expect to receive a utility bill the first week of February, May, August, and November. If you do not receive a utility bill, then please contact the office by calling 518-745-5582.  If the United States Postal Service does not return the utility bill to the Water Department, then it is assumed you received the utility bill.  Even if the taxpayer did not receive a utility bill, Real Property Tax Law §922 provides taxpayers are still responsible for the payment.

Effective September 2020, all seasonal customers and non-routine maintenance service calls will continue to receive a utility bill even if the water is off at the curb box.

A typical water bill will range from $32.50 to several hundred dollars per quarter depending on the time of year and your watering activities. In the spring and summer months, you may use more water due to outdoor water use such as watering a lawn, planting a garden, washing your vehicles, or filling a pool.

Water Cost Money!!!

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Your water bill is broken into categories:

  • 0-8,000 gallons = $32.50
  • Over 8,000 gallons = $2.25 for each additional 1,000 gallons
  • Over 3.25 million gallons (Industrial users) = $.85 for each additional 1,000 gallons
  • Quarterly flat rate = $145.00

The Receiver of Taxes located at the Queensbury Town Hall collects payments Monday-Friday between 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. There is a drop box located outside if you cannot make it between the hours listed above.

Online payments are now available here.

Automatic Bank Draft Authorization forms are available here.

Town Code §173-28 Billing – All water bills not paid within such date shall be assessed a late payment charge of 10%.  Real Property Tax Law §924 states the collecting officer, town board, town employee or official do not have the authority to waive late charges.  Any outstanding balance at the end of October will be re-levied to the Town & County Tax Bill the following January.

There is no possible way to measure what an average water bill for a family of four would be. Every family has too many different activities within a home to be able to measure the average usage of a family. Water bills may range from $32.50 to several hundred dollars per quarter.

The actual reading dates are located in the middle of the water bill to the left of the water charges. The dates and readings are listed under current and previous.

Usage Period Bill Date
October – January February
January – April May
April – July August
July – October November

Payment for your water bill is due thirty days from the billing date.

You may mail or deliver in person your payment to:

Receiver of Taxes
742 Bay Road
Queensbury, NY 12804

For more payment options please visit