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Queensbury Small Business Feature: Glenn Tree Art

Glenn Tree Art: Queensbury Small Business

Carving out a small business in Queensbury…

There are some people and businesses that are uniquely Queensbury. One of them is Glenn Durlacher  of Glenn Tree Art.  This Queensbury small business is highly visible…he is located at 1172 State Route 9 right next to Martha’s Dandy Cream near Six Flags Great Escape. Amid businesses, hotels, and family fun and entertainment businesses, his products stand out…literally. Right next to the road. As you drive by you will see fanciful figures, bears, a larger-than-life horse drinking sculpture, a whimsical pig, and lots of rustic looking stumps.

As you enter Glenn’s space, one of the first things you see is his dog, Donny. It becomes immediately obvious that Donny and Glenn are buddies who spend a lot of time together. Glenn bartered with a customer for Donny, and the rest is history. They appear to be inseparable.

Glenn learned sculpting right after graduating from college when he was working for Marriott Hotels. They asked him if he wanted to learn how to carve ice, and he said sure.  It became obvious right away that it was something he was skilled at. He found that he could actually replicate whatever he saw. It wasn’t long before the people training him were asking him to show them how. Eventually Glenn went into the deli business in the Albany area, where spent 25 years in business, carving ice on the side.

A path to success

About a dozen years ago, he tried his hand at stump carving one weekend and immediately became fascinated with the craft. After that it was only a matter of time before he turned his considerable skill into a business. He moved to the area and set up shop locally before moving to his current location last year. Glenn has traveled quite a bit for his work, to Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine. Since opening this location he has been spending  less time traveling and more time working to build his business. Glenn has an extensive portfolio of his work he is happy to share, highlighting the unique items he has created for customers far and wide.  From Adirondack animals, to pets, faces, and fantasy art, his inspiration and ability know no bounds. When asked what his biggest seller is, he says bears and dogs, but he basically creates whatever his customers want.

The sculpture garden is currently a showcase for some of his work, and there are a lot of rustic stumps and pieces of wood scattered about. It is a comfortable space, one in which Glenn is working on creating a place where visitors and customers come and browse his carvings, spend a little time and find unique gift items.

This year, Glenn opened a small, rustic Gift Shack, featuring one of a kind, hand crafted artwork from local artists. The shack is tiny and cozy, uniquely designed to highlight the rustic items on display.  There are handcrafted toys, rustics, Adirondack style mirrors, etc.

Glenn says prices for his carvings vary, from a few hundred dollars, up to $15,000. You can visit Glenn’s business at 1172 State Route 9 in Queensbury, call him at 518-522-6025, or visit him on Facebook.

Check out Glenn’s work and some of his unique products here:

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