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 2024 Revaluation Residential Sales Book

2024 Revaluation Commercial Sales Book

2024 Revaluation Vacant Land Sales Book

2024 Revaluation Residential Sales Book

Disclosure Assmts Alpha 2024 Tentative Assmts vs Prelim Assmts Street Address

2024 Tentative Assmts vs Prelim Assmts Street Address

2024 Queensbury Property Revaluation Project

2024 Revaluation Important Dates

2024 Revaluation Residential Sales Book

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Residential Review Application

Commercial Review Application

New Assessments have been updated to our Property Locator.2024 Tentative Assmts vs 



NOTICE: New STAR applicants must register with
the NYS Tax Department on-line at or
by calling 518-457-2036.

Assessor’s Responsibilities

Determine and maintain assessments, property inventory records, ownership and exemptions on approximately 13,500 parcels.

Locate all taxable Real Property in our town and identify the ownership of each. Establish a taxable value for all Real Property subject to taxation. List the values of all property on the Assessment Roll.

Assist taxpayers with completing their exemption applications and determine their eligibility.

Examples: Senior Citizen, Alternative Veteran, Basic STAR, Enhanced STAR, Disability, Business, Clergy, Agricultural, Non-Profit, etc. Please see the Forms section of this page for instructions and applications.

The Assessor is available throughout the year to discuss assessment related topics.

Exemption Information:

The Town of Queensbury’s Assessors’ Office annually processes 10,667 property tax exemptions. Renewal applications are mailed in the fall every year for return by March 1st. Due to the large volume of exemption forms mailed to property owners that require return, review and in many cases necessitate follow-up phone calls, we firmly adhere to the State legislated March 1st exemption deadline for ALL exemption applications. As a public service we attempt to send second notices and even call as many people as we can to remind them that the exemptions are due, but staffing and time constraints limit our opportunity to reach everyone.

Important Dates to Remember Affecting the Assessment Process:

March 1 (Taxable Status Date) – deadline for all exemptions to be filed with the Assessor. Property improvements & condition, as of this date, will be the basis for the coming assessment cycle.

May 1st Tentative Assessment Roll is filed containing all values and exemptions for the tax year. Change of assessment notices are mailed this week.

4th Tuesday in May (Grievance Day) – Board of Assessment Review meets to hear all complaints regarding assessments.

July 1st Final Assessment Roll filed. Town, County and School taxes are based on this roll’s information.

Information for specific properties located in the Town of Queensbury can be accessed through our property query.