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Queensbury Town Clerk


 In addition to processing transactions in person at the window, you can also use the Depository Box.

There is a silver depository box located outside the entrance to the Town Clerk’s Office. This can be used to submit Dog Renewals/Licenses. Payments must be placed in a sealed envelope with proper documentation (copy of rabies information if needed and renewal/license form.) It would be helpful if contact information is also provided, such as a phone number, in case we have any questions in regards to the transaction.


**Effective June 1st, 2021, please be advised that dog license fees will be increasing slightly. On May 3rd, 2021 the Queensbury Town Board adopted Local Law 3 of 2021 implementing a new fee schedule.  The updated fee schedule is as follows:

 Spayed/Neutered                       Unspayed/Unneutered

$10.00                                               $15.00

                                                           Senior Discount (65 & older):            

                                                                $5.00                                                 $10.00                                                              

                  Please Note: There will be a $3.00 replacement tag fee in the event of a lost tag          

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 518- 761-8235 or 518- 761-8236.

You now have the ability to pay your Dog License RENEWAL online. You will need your tag number and the rabies must be current in the Town Clerk office. Click the link below.

Pay Your Dog License Online

  • If you need to purchase a Fishing License, please see refer to the information below on how to purchase one directly from the DEC.
  • If you have a Vital Records request (ex. Copies of Births, Deaths, Marriages), click here.


Sporting License Expiration Dates


Please note that there has not been any change to the need for a sporting license or has there been an extension of expiration dates on these licenses. While we understand that most agents are not available to perform these transactions, customers can order or renew through our call center or online. When ordering through our call center (1-866-933-2257, M-F, 8:30-4:30), customers will be given their transaction number which they can write down and take with them and use as a license or registration when freshwater or saltwater fishing, respectively. If licenses are ordered online, customers have the option to have a license sent by mail and/or, in the case of fishing licenses and trapping licenses, to print it themselves immediately. Customers still have the option to write down their transaction number for a freshwater fishing license and a marine registry when buying online.


Thanks, and we appreciate your cooperation.


The Queensbury Town Clerk’s office is responsible for:

If you are in need of records on file in the Town of Queensbury, please submit a FOIL Request. The link is above in RED.

Please be aware that FOIL requests for Town emails will be subject to additional charges. This is due to the fact that the Town must hire a vendor to prepare the query of emails in response to the request. The third party vendor charges the Town $95.00 per hour and the charges incurred will be the responsibility of the requestor.

Below is the fee schedule for FOIL requests that are requested and provided in paper form:

Page Size Cost Per Page
Up to 9” x 14” $.25
11” x 17” $.30
18” x 24” $2.00
24” x 36” $4.00
36” x 42” $6.00



For the convenience of our residents there is a drop box located on the front of the Town Office Building at the Town Clerk’s Office entrance. The after hours drop box can be used for taxes, water rents and any materials that need to be at a department the next business day.


The Town of Queensbury encourages employees as well as citizens to report any misuse of taxpayer’s funds or any inefficiencies or illegalities observed. The locked box is located inside the Town Building within the entrance alcove nearest the Town Clerk’s Office. This box is opened monthly in the presence of two department heads.