Important Notices: Shore Colony Water District customers are restricted in their water use as outlined in Ordinance # 1 of 2002Resident Warning:
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Fee Schedule



Household Trash (up to 16 gallon bag) $3.00
Household Trash (17 to 32 gallon bag) $4.00
Household Trash (33 to 48 gallon bag) $6.00
Household Trash (49 to 64 gallon bag) $7.00
Household Trash (64 to 90 gallon bag) $10.00
All Mattresses $15.00
Box Springs $15.00
Sofa $20.00
Love Seat $15.00
Large Chair $15.00
Tires $5.00 Each
Compost Material (gallon bag) – Ridge Road Only $.50 ea up to a $4.00 max
Compost Material – Car or Pickup load* $.50 ea up to a $4.00 max
Misc. Material $20.00 per cubic yard
Recyclables No Charge
Scrap Metal No Charge
Appliances containing REFRIGERANT $20.00
Brush Note – Residential Customers Only – Ridge Road Transfer station Only $15.00 per AVERAGE pickup load

*Note – Ridge Road Transfer station Only


The following items must be clean, sorted separately, and deposited in the appropriate recycling container. The following recyclables are accepted at No Charge.

Recyclable Material Instructions
Plastic Containers – with a neck only #1, #2 clear and color #3, V (any color) All can be placed in the same Plastics Container
Aluminum Cans (Soda, Cat, Pie Tins, etc) Place in Plastics Container
Tin Cans In it’s own Recycling Container
Clear Glass In it’s own Recycling Container
Colored Glass Separate from Clear Glass
Clean Newspapers Including insets & Flyers – DRY ONLY Not in paper or plastic bags
Corrugated Cardboard* & Brown bags (no pizza boxes, no box board) Dry, flatten cardboard boxes
Magazines, Catalogs, Junk Mail, Paper Put in Container for Junk Mail/Magazines
Household Batteries (not Automotive Batteries) Recycle them. Do not dispose with your household trash.

The Town of Queensbury encourages recycling. Attendants at the Transfer Stations will be happy to advise you on how to sort your recyclables. Thank you for your cooperation!