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Pothole Information

What are potholes? Potholes are bowl-shaped openings that usually have raveled edges and can be up to 10 inches deep. They occur when the top layer or asphaltic surface of the roadway has worn away, exposing the concrete base.

CAVE-INS (sometimes called sinkholes) are holes that reach past the concrete base of the roadway. This void can occur when the dirt below the concrete base has washed away, causing the upper surfaces to fall though.

DITCHES are rectangular excavations in the roadway. These cuts are made by utilities and plumbers to reach underground lines. The contractors are responsible for filling the ditch and paving it temporarily, and notifying the town upon completion of their work. The Highway Department then schedules a permanent repair to the roadway. If a ditch is not backfilled properly, it will wash out or sink in, leaving a large hole.

What can you do about a problem hole?

To report a pothole on a Town of Queensbury road,. just give us a call at: (518)761-8211. The Highway Department maintains over 182 miles of town roads. In addition, 39 miles of roads within the town limits are actually county highways, maintained by Warren County Department of Public Works. Another 35 miles of roads within the town are maintained by the New York State Department of Transportation. The following is a list of roads with in the Town that are maintained by other departments:

Warren County Department of Public Works (518-761-6556) maintains the following roads:

Warren County DPW Roads

  • Bay Road
  • Haviland Road
  • Blind Rock Road
  • Hicks Road
  • Boulevard #32
  • Moon Hill Road
  • Corinth Road
  • Ox Bow Hill Road
  • Country Club Road
  • Pilot Knob Road
  • Dix Avenue
  • Quaker Road
  • East Sunnyside
  • Queensbury Avenue
  • Glenwood Avenue
  • Sunnyside Road
  • West Mountain Road

NY State DOT Roads

New York State Department of Transportation (518) 623-3511) maintains the following roads:

  • Aviation Road (South entrance of I-87 East to Route 9)
  • I-87 (Northway)
  • River Street
  • Route 9
  • Route 9L (Ridge Road to Lake George Town Line)
  • Route 149
  • Warren Street

They have a 50 Foot Right of Way. The residents on the west side of these roads do reside in the Town of Queensbury. Again the roads are totally in the City of Glens Falls, and the City is responsible for the maintenance of the roads. If you have a concern with the physical condition of these roads, contact the City of Glens Falls at (518) 761-3800.

How does the highway department decide which potholes should be repaired first?

Potholes found on major roads, and potholes that are an immediate hazard to motorists or pedestrians, are given primary attention. Repair crews will fill all potholes encountered, and make safe any ditch that requires a repair in each grid section assigned.

Hints for speedy service calls

To help expedite your service request, please be prepared with specific information when you contact us:

  • Give the exact location
  • Be prepared to describe the hole
  • Is the hole in the driving lane or on the shoulder of the road?
  • Size (approximate length/width/depth)
  • Is there a barricade over this hole?
  • Note whether you hear or see water in the hole.

The more information we have, the better we can serve you.