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Water Leak FAQ’s

Leak repairs are prioritized based on many factors including severity of the leak, impacts to public safety and / or the environment, probability of property damage, unsafe traffic conditions, or other issues specific to the situation. Large leaks causing water outage and those that might impact public safety / environment or cause property damage, are typically repaired as soon as possible. Staff is called in 24 hours a day to make emergency repairs. If the leak is small, the repair order is held to allow for notification of customers and other utilities and to schedule the work.

Typically, either water will surface or a customer may hear water running. To pinpoint a pipeline leak, the investigator uses electronic or manual sounding devices. Periodically we will contract with a leak detection company to survey our water distribution system.   The Town does not locate service line leaks on private property.

Leak Survey Vendors

Property owners may experience leaks with their internal plumbing; Toilets, hot water tanks, hose spigots, kitchen or bathroom faucets dripping.   The interior shut off valve, pressure-reducing valve, and other internal plumbing is the responsibility of the property owner.  The Queensbury Water Department is responsible for the water meter.

Water Cost Money!!!

Toilet Fill Valve Hose Position

Leak Detection


The Queensbury Water Department responds to emergencies and conducts emergency maintenance twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, including holidays. Non-emergency planned maintenance is usually scheduled during normal business hours. In some cases non-emergency jobs may be done after hours for traffic, business, or other considerations.

The majority of pipeline repairs can be completed in six hours or less. Larger jobs may require more time. Once we have started repairs, we will continue until water is turned back on no matter how long it takes.

You should first attempt to contact your neighbor and inform them about their leak. If you are unable to contact your neighbor and you feel the leak may cause damage to your property or the property of others, then you should call the Queensbury Water Department at 518-793-8866.

The Queensbury Water Department is responsible for the repair of leaks on the street side of your water service shut off, the water meter, and all town owned water mains within the right of way. Any other repairs are the responsibility of the customer.

Call us at (518) 793-8866. After normal working hours the treatment plant is staffed seven days a week. If no one answers please leave a message and they will return your call shortly.

In some cases it may be necessary to turn off your water while repairs are being performed. The Queensbury Water Department attempts to notify customers if a shutdown is planned. For most emergencies, we must immediately turn off water valves and are unable to notify homeowners.